Дата начала: 2 June 2023


Professional English for Physical Culture and Sport (2 курс)

This course is designed for the 2nd year (3 term) students of Pedagogic majors (focus on Physical Education and Sport)

Course description:

  • the structure contains a variety of activities directed to acquiring and mastering your English skills in reading, listening, writing  and communication
  • the content covers the fundamentals of Education, Pedagogic, National Sports and the Olympic Games through theory and practice

Learning Objectives:

  • become familiar with new key vocabulary on the topics
  • get specific knowledge in English for professional purpose
  • develop skills in reading, listening and writing 

The required skills:

  • level of English language for the successful study is A2 and higher
  • confident computer user

Study results:

  • enlarged English every day and professional vocabulary
  • ability to read and understand general texts in English
  • extended knowledge in the Educational systems of different countries; Pedagogic as a science; National Sports and the Olympic Games